11 Airplane Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Tell

11 Airplane Secrets Flight Attendants Don’t Tell

It’s hard to surprise an experienced traveler, but there are still some things you’ve probably never thought of.

We found several secrets that are only known to airport employees and the most curious passengers.

11. Hooks on the wings

In most planes, to use an emergency exit slide, passengers have to step onto a smooth and slippery wing. To make this easier, a special hook was designed: a safety rope is led through it, with one end attached to the door and the other hooked to the wing at the base of the slide. Holding on to the rope, passengers can safely evacuate.

10. An ax in the cockpit

According to many countries’ laws (such as the USA), an ax is a piece of emergency equipment and must be stored in the cockpit. An ax can help contain a fire, open a stuck door, or even hack a new one — there are markings on the fuselage that show the best place to make an emergency exit.

9. A hole in the windows

Airplane windows have 3 pieces of glass: the outer one keeps the pressure at bay, the inner one deals with damage from inside, and the middle one, in which the hole is made, regulates the airflow. The aperture helps balance the pressure difference and prevents moisture from condensing between the glass panels.

8. An auxiliary power unit

When boarding the plane, we always hear a noise even though the engines aren’t working yet. It is caused by an APU that provides power for the systems while the engines are out. It also starts the engines. Such a power unit is also helpful in poorly equipped terminals where proper maintenance is unavailable.


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