Month: August 2019

Best Labor Day sales: Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy deals

Labor Day 2019 lands on Monday, September 2 this year, but the official start of the sales event has arrived already. Labor Day was originally organized as a celebration of various labor unions’ contributions to the U.S. economy, but it has since become more of a buying holiday for consumers than anything else. With Prime

Google’s updated Maps app lets you bike, train, ride-share there

Google Opens a New Window. Maps will expand its public transportation Opens a New Window. routes to provide more options to pair transit with biking and ride-sharing options, the company announced in a press release Opens a New Window. on Tuesday. The company said the new move will primarily impact the first and last mile

How do I apply for U.S. citizenship?

If you meet certain requirements, you may become a U.S. citizen either at birth or after birth. To become a citizen at birth, you must: Have been born in the United States or certain territories or outlying possessions of the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States; OR had a parent or

15 American Cities That Secretly Have Great Food Scenes

Certain cities, you visit for the food. Others, you visit despite the food. The old guard of Important Food Destinations, you know: the San Franciscos, the Chicagos, the New Orleanses. So who are the up-and-comers — the places whose culinary reps should be rising fastest? We put the question to dozens of veteran travelers and

Nasa said to be investigating first allegation of a crime in space

Nasa is reported to be investigating a claim that an astronaut accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station, in what may be the first allegation of a crime committed in space. Anne McClain acknowledges accessing the account from the ISS but denies any wrongdoing, the New York Times reports.

How to Spot a Fake Review on Amazon and Other Sites

By Jason Cohen As wonderful as the internet can be, it also lies to us every day. Fake reviews—seemingly legitimate reviews created by the seller or someone paid by them—are becoming harder to spot. We now make more and more of our purchases online, so if you’re not careful, fake reviews can end up costing

More than 100 vapers have contracted a severe lung disease, per CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that it’s looking into 153 possible cases of a mysterious lung disease that seems to be associated with e-cigarette use. The agency says it’s investigating the illness alongside 16 states where the cases were reported from June 28th to August 20th. The illness seems to start out

Ways to Increase Social Security Disability Checks

Approximately 1 in 4, or 61 million, adults in the United States report a disability, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. If you have a physical or mental impairment that affects your daily activities, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. This financial assistance is available

Vaping May Harm Your Blood Flow—Even Without Nicotine

Smoking isn’t good for you. But e-cigarettes, with their sleek, USB bodies and mango-flavored cartridges, promised a sweeter, safer future. No tar, no combustion, no problem. But that picture is getting more complicated. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control announced that it is opening an investigation into the health effects of smoking e-cigarettes, after