Month: October 2019

Lyft Pink membership offers 15% off all rides for $20 per month

Lyft’s first effort at a subscription plan was compelling but, if we’re being honest, a bit on the pricey side. Originally introduced as Lyft All Access, the program offered users the option to pay $299 upfront in exchange for 30 free rides. It was certainly a solid deal on a per-ride basis, but the $299

What to Do if You Lose Your ID Before a Flight

You’re about to leave for the airport, assured you’ve followed your packing list to a tee, when you reach into your carry-on and panic sets in—somehow, your driver’s license is nowhere to be found. You rummage through your suitcase and retrace your every step, but no luck. If your driver’s license is missing, you should

Amex launches 30,000 point bonus and credit with Away luggage

American Express keeps bringing new features and benefits to its credit card lineup. Recently, the company has rolled out new perks for its American Express Green Card as well as a limited-time offer with Away Luggage. Rachel Stocks, executive vice president of Global Premium Products & Benefits, details the reason for the reimagining of the

Here are the changes coming to Social Security in 2020

Social Security might be the nation’s most valuable social resource. Of the nearly 64 million beneficiaries netting a monthly payout, over a third are being lifted out of poverty, with more than 15 million of these folks being retired workers. However, Social Security is also a dynamic program. Each and every October, the Social Security

How to Tell if an Online Review Is Fake

User reviews are immensely helpful, especially in the world of skincare and beauty products. After all, this is stuff you put on your face. Your precious face! But when some of those reviews turn out to be fake, how can you be sure you can trust anything you read? Skincare company Sunday Riley has settled

Here’s Every Device You Can Use to Stream Disney+

Disney+ is almost here. We know many important details about Disney’s standalone streaming service—including how much it’ll cost and what you’ll be able to watch—and the final piece of the puzzle was just revealed: all the devices you can use to stream Disney+ at launch. And as you’ll see from the following list, there are