Month: December 2019

Major US companies breached, robbed, and spied on by Chinese hackers

The hackers seemed to be everywhere. In one of the largest-ever corporate espionage efforts, cyberattackers alleged to be working for China’s intelligence services stole volumes of intellectual property, security clearance details and other records from scores of companies over the past several years. They got access to systems with prospecting secrets for mining company Rio

Wyze data leak may have exposed personal data for millions of users

Security camera startup Wyze has confirmed it suffered a data leak earlier this month that may have left the personal information for millions of its customers exposed on the internet. No passwords or financial information was exposed, but email addresses, Wi-Fi network IDs and body metrics were left unprotected from Dec. 4 through Dec. 26,

UPS anticipates a record-breaking returns season after the holidays

On the heels of a record-breaking holiday shopping season, United Parcel Service is anticipating a record number of shipped returns. UPS said Thursday that it expects to process 1.9 million return packages on Jan. 2, what the shipper calls “National Returns Day,” when it expects peak gift returns. That’s up 26% from a year ago.

Hacker Who Blackmailed Apple For $100,000 Gets No Prison Time

A self-proclaimed hacker, who allegedly has access to more than 300 million iCloud accounts and blackmailed the Cupertino tech giant Apple, recently, pleaded guilty in London. The 22-year-old Kerem Albayrak from North London threatened to factory reset iCloud accounts if Apple fails to give his demands. He was sentenced recently to a two-year suspended jail

3 Social Security Strategies For Maximizing Your Benefit

The average person will pocket $1,503 per month in Social Security income in 2020, but millions of retired workers will receive $1,000 per month or less. Will you wind up collecting more in benefits than that? Skyrocketing healthcare costs make maximizing your Social Security benefits more important than ever, yet many Americans aren’t familiar with

List of the Most Common Federal IRS Tax Forms

As tax season heats up, your mailbox will be flooded with tax-related forms. While many have familiar names and numbers, a slew of new schedules was introduced in recent years. Each has a particular purpose and carries information critical to completing your tax return. Here are this year’s most important tax forms, including how to

Hackers Are Breaking Into Websites And Adding Links To Game Google

This August, Molly Stillman logged on to her lifestyle blog to update a few popular old posts, freshening them up so they would continue to attract traffic from Pinterest and search engines. She was horrified at what she discovered. “There were [links] for, you know, anal bleaching, which is apparently a thing. I mean, just