Month: February 2020

How to make money on Facebook

There are several ways to earn some extra pocket change through Facebook. The social media website offers different tools users can take advantage of to sell and promote personal items, advertise a product or service and even apply for jobs with the company. Here are some ways you can make money off Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild:

No checkout needed: Amazon opens cashier-less grocery store

NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon wants to kill the supermarket checkout line. The online retailing giant is opening its first cashier-less supermarket, where shoppers can grab milk or eggs and walk out without waiting in line or ever opening their wallets. It’s the latest sign that Amazon is serious about shaking up the $800 billion

How to lock down your Amazon account right now

Securing your Amazon account is a simple task, and one you absolutely should take the time to do. Your account is a treasure trove of personal information, from credit or debit cards to your address and those of friends and loved ones — all information that any hacker would love to access. Take a few

Twitter now makes it easier to add new tweets to old threads

Twitter has tweaked its UI to make it easier to add new tweets to old threads. (No, it’s not an “edit tweet” feature.) As you’re composing a new tweet, you’ll be able to pull down a view of your past tweets and threads into the composition window. Previously, you’d have to go back and find

Sue your robocallers, phone scammers with this new app

Getting fed up with robocalls? It might be time for robo-revenge and a new app is here to help. CEO of the DoNotPay app, Joshua Browder, joined FOX Business’ “After the Bell” on Tuesday to explain how the app can help you sue robocallers. “It registers you for something called the ‘Do Not Call’ list,’