Month: April 2020

Can API vendors solve healthcare’s data woes?

A functioning healthcare system depends on caregivers having the right data at the right time to make the right decision about what course of treatment a patient needs. In the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic and the acceleration of the consumer adoption of telemedicine, along with the fragmentation of care to a number of different

Teslas can now automatically stop for traffic lights and stop signs

Tesla’s Autopilot feature continues to evolve and gain new capabilities of semiautonomous driving. The company has been working on adding support for traffic lights and stop signs since last year, and now the new feature is being rolled out in the U.S. with the latest version of the Autopilot software. Cars can detect traffic lights and stop

Skype Now Lets Users Change Background For Calls: How To Do It

Video conferencing apps are very helpful tools for communication and collaboration, especially now that the current 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak has forced everyone everywhere to stay at home for safety’s sake. But while some of these apps offer functional yet basic features, some of them, like Zoom, allow users to personalize their backgrounds to make

Apple iPhones, iPads Vulnerable to Hackers by Flaws in Mail App

Apple Inc. plans to release a patch after the cybersecurity company ZecOps Inc. found vulnerabilities that may have allowed hackers to exploit iPhones, devices used by hundreds of millions of people. San Francisco-based ZecOps discovered two “exploitable vulnerabilities” in Apple’s mail app and alerted the company, which released a beta update this month. The company

NASA’s new Jupiter image is stunning

Some 484 million miles from coronavirus-beleaguered Earth lies the gas giant Jupiter, and its stormy, magnificent atmosphere. One of the latest images NASA’s Juno spacecraft sent back to Earth shows a view of the planet’s churning northern region. Juno captured it on Feb. 17, during a “close” swing by Jupiter — which means Juno was

How Apple and Google’s Social Distancing Maps Work

YOU’RE PROBABLY AWARE that your phone tracks your location. It’s how Google can tell you which restaurants are nearby, and how Facebook can tag the bar you’re in, and Apple can tell you where you left your iPhone if you’ve misplaced it. Now Apple and Google are turning that mass of data into a tool

Uber and Lyft drivers: Give us safety gear to protect us from COVID-19

Jerome Gage, a Los Angeles-based Lyft driver, makes a weighty decision every morning. He has to decide between driving and risking exposure to the novel coronavirus or self-isolating and not earning money. For now, he’s decided to keep working but, he said, he’d feel better if he had proper safety gear. “It’s scary,” he said.

Movie theaters are planning to start opening back up by late July

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the entire movie industry has come to a standstill. Movie productions are on hold for the foreseeable future and movie theaters themselves have been closed for about a month now. When AMC Theaters — which is the largest theater chain in the country — closed all of their theaters on March

How you’ll use Apple and Google’s coronavirus tracking tool

Earlier today, Apple and Google announced a Bluetooth-based COVID-19 contact tracing platform that could alert people if they’ve been exposed to the novel coronavirus. Contact tracing is a huge component in ending mass pandemic “stay-at-home” orders, and while phone tracking can’t replace traditional methods like interviews, it can supplement them. Google and Apple are using