Day: January 11, 2021

Watch this flexible LG gaming TV bend from flat to curved

LG Display has shared video of its new 48-inch OLED gaming TV that can bend from a flat display to a curved one with the push of a button, and seeing it in motion is fascinating. Check it out at the top of this post. The flexible display orientations could let you watch TV with the flat

Lenovo’s new ThinkReality A3 business smartglasses look almost normal

Smartglasses are slowly advancing, maybe becoming a mainstream consumer product that companies like Facebook and Apple will eventually try to sell us. In the meantime, designing commercial versions for business might still be the best landing spot for hardware makers. Lenovo’s new ThinkReality A3 AR smartglasses, announced at this year’s virtual CES and coming in mid-2021, is

Samsung’s busy 2021 starts with CES and Galaxy S21 launch

An expanded foldables lineup. More 5G phones. Smarter gadgets. Computers, TVs, home appliances and a host of other devices. Maybe even lower prices. After a crazy 2020, this new year could be one of Samsung’s busiest yet. To take advantage of the opportunity 2021 brings, the South Korean company needs to be bolder to regain its status as an innovation powerhouse, while also