Month: January 2021

How to make your iPhone battery last longer

For the past year I’ve been carrying out an experiment. I’ve been charging my iPhone in what I believe to be the most optimal way to maximize battery life. I’m a heavy iPhone user. The thing barely leaves my side, and I put hours of usage on it almost every day. A couple of years

YouTube takes action against Trump, bans uploads for at least 7 days

YouTube has taken action against President Donald Trump and barred new videos from being uploaded to his channel for at least seven days, citing violations of its policies and “concerns about the ongoing potential for violence.” It’s the latest action against Trump after last week’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

Snap acquires location data startup StreetCred

Snapchat’s parent company Snap has acquired StreetCred, a New York City startup building a platform for location data. Snap confirmed the news to TechCrunch and said the acquisition will result in four StreetCred team members — including co-founders Randy Meech and Diana Shkolnikov — joining the company, where they’ll be working on map and location-related

You should read this important stimulus check warning right away

President-elect Joe Biden gave the country another stimulus check update on Friday, making clear during a news conference in Wilmington, Delaware, that he’s putting together a multitrillion-dollar COVID relief package that would include something that has bedeviled Washington lawmakers for months: $2,000 stimulus checks. More specifically, it appears that the Biden stimulus plan would include

The US Army is developing a nightmarish thermal facial recognition system

The US Army just took a giant step toward developing killer robots that can see and identify faces in the dark. DEVCOM, the US Army’s corporate research department, last week published a pre-print paper documenting the development of an image database for training AI to perform facial recognition using thermal images. Why this matters: Robots

Watch this flexible LG gaming TV bend from flat to curved

LG Display has shared video of its new 48-inch OLED gaming TV that can bend from a flat display to a curved one with the push of a button, and seeing it in motion is fascinating. Check it out at the top of this post. The flexible display orientations could let you watch TV with the flat