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Teslas can now automatically stop for traffic lights and stop signs

Tesla’s Autopilot feature continues to evolve and gain new capabilities of semiautonomous driving. The company has been working on adding support for traffic lights and stop signs since last year, and now the new feature is being rolled out in the U.S. with the latest version of the Autopilot software. Cars can detect traffic lights and stop

Elon Musk says soon Teslas will come when you call them

Tesla  CEO Elon Musk  promised in a series of tweets that an advanced version of its auto-parking technology Summon, which will let owners remotely control their car through their phones, will be ready in six weeks. Or even follow you like a pet. The Summon parking feature is available in Tesla vehicles with the advanced driver assistance system known

The 10 Most Popular European Cars in the U.S.

When a foreign car is sold in the United States, the safety features on that car have to be in accordance with the U.S. safety standards; the European companies have to manufacture the car for a completely different set of safety regulations. Consequently, not all European cars are accepted in the U.S., but some are

11 Brand New Cars That Will Be Future Classics

Some cars, like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, are nearly a lock to become more valuable in the next 20 or so years. But other cars are hit or miss. If you have some money lying around and want to get a new car that might not depreciate, here are some good places to start . Volvo

Dodge Gives the Cop Car a Dash of Tesla

POLICE CARS ARE effectively a mobile office for 12-hour shifts. And with many departments runnings two officers to a squad car, comfort and an efficient use of space is really important. They’re also pretty cramped places to be. Aside from the belts that carry guns and tasers and handcuffs, cops need quick access their in-car

Google self-driving car project names CEO

SAN FRANCISCO – Google appears to be accelerating its six-year-old autonomous car project, announcing Sunday that it has named auto-world veteran John Krafcik as the project’s first CEO. Krafcik, who before his recent post as president of consumer-focused pricing site TrueCar was CEO of Hyundai’s U.S. operations, will begin working at the Mountain View company later

10 automakers vow to make automatic emergency braking standard

The NHTSA, U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have announced that ten auto makers plan to offer automatic emergency braking as a standard feature. This is the latest step major car manufacturers are taking to bring more advanced safety technologies to a larger customer base, something that will eventually lead

“Google Auto” CEO is former online car shopping exec

It seems that Google is serious about selling its own self-driving cars, laying the groundwork for a potential formal business. Since 2011, Google has had a not so public subsidiary, named “Google Auto“, that was headed by Chris Urmson, who happens to also be the man behind its self-driving cars. Now Google is bringing in