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Warning Issued For Millions Of Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 10 Users

Samsung is already working hard on a potentially revolutionary Galaxy S11 (and a lot has leaked already), but the company now faces a big problem in the here and now. And millions of Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 users need to know about it. Picked up by the always-excellent BleepingComputer, a huge security hole

Samsung makes good its promise, reveals monthly updates

In the midst of the Stagefright scare on Android, Samsung surprisinglymade a promise, or at least a promise to a commitment, to follow in Google’s footsteps and try to find ways to get critical security updates out on a monthly basis. Surprising because Samsung is one of the most notorious among the major OEMs for

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger Review: Speedy essential

You can’t knock Samsung‘s commitment to wireless charging. Having decided to embrace it in the latest Galaxy range, it went whole-hog, packing in both wireless types and, with the launch of the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, introducing a faster version too, with the promise of cutting almost an hour from regular wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review

Big, clever, and finally beautiful: the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has come of age. Heir to the phablet empire Samsung itself created, the Note 5 takes the esteemed features of its predecessor and clads them in a premium package worthy of the equally high-end price tag. There’ll be tears on the S Pen, mind, as

Breaking the Galaxy Note 5 is as easy as reinserting the stylus backwards

  Owners of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 should be careful about how they handle the device’s stylus. According to reports from various outlets, reinserting the Note 5’s S Pen into the smartphone the wrong way can permanently disable the handset’s stylus detection feature. This means that functions like quickly taking notes when the phone’s screen

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015

Trending News: Samsung Just Announced A Slew Of New Gadgets   Why Is This Important? Samsung needed a strong new lineup of products to finish off 2015 — and they delivered. Long Story Short At today’s Galaxy Unpacked event in New York City, Samsung announced a whole range of new products including the Galaxy S6

Samsung Ultimate Test Drive targets iPhone users

Samsung and Apple have been locked in a smartphone war since the first iPhone rolled off the assembly line years ago. Samsung has had some sales success along the way and some devices that didn’t sell as well as the smartphone maker hoped. Apple for the most part has been plugging away with the most

Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ T-Mobile release bumped up to tomorrow

Apparently T-Mobile USA customers weren’t super thrilled when they heard the news about preorders earlier today. Verizon customers are getting their Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ devices before T-Mobile customers, and they were jumping mad about it. As such, CEO John Legere decided to push up the launch of their own models of

Galaxy Note 5 event may have a tablet, too

A teaser has been released by Samsung for the next big “Unpacked” event showing not just the Galaxy Note 5 and larger “Edge”, but a tablet too. This larger tablet is likely a 7-inch tablet made to take on the likes of the missing 7-inch spot in Google’s collection and the iPad mini. Whether or