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Tesla will unveil its ‘Cybertruck’ electric pickup on November 21st

Tesla will finally unveil its long-awaited electric pickup truck on November 21st, Elon Musk tweeted on Wednesday. The truck, which Musk has dubbed “Cybertruck,” is supposed to look like something straight out of Blade Runner, the CEO has said. The truck will be unveiled at Tesla’s design studio in Los Angeles, California, which sits on

How DoorDash’s New Payment Scheme Is Really Playing Out

Would you run an errand for just two bucks? How about $3? Maybe $4? These are the questions many delivery workers for the courier service DoorDash say they now face after the company instituted a new pay model paying out as little as $2 per job—a system that was meant to replace its previous, predatory

Amazon just announced its big plans for Black Friday 2019

Well, bargain hunters… the mystery has finally come to an end because Amazon announced preliminary details for its huge Black Friday 2019 sale. We’re not sure there was really much mystery to begin with since “Black Friday” hasn’t actually been a single Friday for about a decade, but holiday shoppers will obviously still be happy

CVS starts delivering prescriptions to homes via UPS drones

It didn’t take long for UPS and CVS to start delivering prescriptions by drone. The two have confirmed that they completed their first paid home deliveries of prescriptions, hauling medicine to two homes (one of which was a retirement community) in Cary, North Carolina on November 1st. The drones flew autonomously and lowered the packages

How to unlock a phone on every carrier

If your current phone contract is close to finishing and you’re thinking about an upgrade, or you want to stick with your current phone for a while longer, you should take a good look at what’s available from other carriers because you may find a much better deal on offer. Sadly, odds are that your