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Apple Exclusive Reveals Exciting New iPhone 11 Features

Put together by respected Bloomberg reporters Mark Gurman and Debby Wu, Bloomberg has learned Apple has several tricks up its sleeve to convince buyers to look past the iPhone 11’s ugly exterior. Headlining the news is confirmation that Apple is indeed upgrading the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max (names TBC) with an additional ultra-wide

Apple iOS 12.1.2 Release: Should You Upgrade?

I predicted this. After iOS 12.1.1 was found to be cutting off cellular data for a number of users, I said Apple AAPL +1.28% would need to act quickly. Thankfully iOS 12.1.2 has now been rushed out for release. But does its short development time bring more problems than fixes? You might be surprised… Here’s

Apple addresses iPhone 6s battery issues

When you lead a busy and connected life, you rely on your phone for more than you’d probably care to admit. I tend to keep a pretty close eye on my phone’s battery level throughout the day when I’m not in the office, so that I’m not surprised by a dead phone at an inopportune

Apple Music for Android screenshots leak

Apple might not commonly be in the business of making apps for Android, but a new leak suggests it has cross-platform ambitions for Apple Music. The subscription-based streaming service launched back in June with iOS 8.4 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and OS X, but according to a new set of screenshots, work

Apple Watch, Apple TV now run DOOM thanks to Facebook devs

It is a running joke tradition among gamers and computer geeks that a computer isn’t really a proper computer until it can run DOOM. The very first DOOM, that is. Well, now you can consider the Apple Watch a proper computer. And the Apple TV too, of course. A pair of developers from Facebook’s Tel-Aviv

Google Maps now available on Apple Watch

Maps update adds Apple Watch compatibility, estimated times of arrival for various transportation and other features. Google Maps has found its way from the iPhone to Apple Watch, thanks to an update to Google’s iOS map app released Tuesday. Apple Watch compatibility was added to version 4.11.0 of the tech giant’s iOS Maps app, offering

Apple CEO says the future of enterprise is mobility

Tim Cook said Tuesday that the most successful businesses will be those that use mobile devices the best moving forward When it comes to improving productivity, Apple CEO Tim Cook says businesses don’t need their employees to work harder — they need to change how they work. “There’s no more time in the day, so