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How to Get a Credit Limit Increase With an Apple Card

Apple launched its first credit card in August 2019, and just seven months later the Apple Card had an estimated 3.1 million users, according to Cornerstone Advisors. Whether you applied for the card to enjoy the cash back benefits, the privacy or the special financing on Apple products, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get

12 hidden iPhone features we discovered after installing iOS 14

Apple’s iPhone and iPad currently run iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, respectively. Well, to be exact, they’re using version 14.3, which brought its own share of new features to the operating system that powers Apple’s phone and tablet lineup. The update includes new features, such as Fitness Plus, Apple’s new subscription workout service and a hidden camera feature for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max users

Apple Car: For Real This time?

According to the “official” Wikipedia chronicle, Apple Car rumors first appeared in late 2014. Since then, like a flu virus, the rumor mutates and reemerges every season. The most recent strain says that Hyundai/Kia will be the manufacturing partner with prototypes appearing in 2022 — or maybe 2024 — with production models by 2026 or 2028.

Cellular connectivity and Face ID planned for future Macs

A new report says Apple has plans to bring cellular connectivity and Face ID to Macs of the future. In a report about Apple’s new upcoming MacBook Air, Mark Gurman notes the following: Apple has also developed underlying Mac support for both cellular connectivity — the ability for Macs to connect to the internet via smartphone networks

Apple is reportedly prototyping foldable iPhone screens

Apple has started work on a foldable phone, and it’s begun prototyping foldable screens internally, according to Bloomberg. A final device is likely still years away, the report says, and Apple is working on just the display for now — not the rest of the phone it would attach to. The initial prototypes sound similar

Apple deals: 5 great sales you definitely won’t want to miss at Amazon

Hardware devices made by Apple have so many advantages over the competition. They’re pretty much always sleeker and faster than top rivals from other brands, and there are amazing integrations between Apple products from smartphones and tablets to Mac computers and smartwatches. All of Apple’s Continuity features allow all these gadgets to work together seamlessly,

How to make your iPhone battery last longer

For the past year I’ve been carrying out an experiment. I’ve been charging my iPhone in what I believe to be the most optimal way to maximize battery life. I’m a heavy iPhone user. The thing barely leaves my side, and I put hours of usage on it almost every day. A couple of years

Gazelle, a popular place to sell your iPhone, ends its trade-in program

In a press release, Gazelle, a popular destination to sell your used iPhone, has announced that it is closing down its trade-in program. According to the post, the company will no longer accept trade-ins as of February 1, 2021. We’re saying goodbye to our trade-in option – here’s what you need to know. Beginning February 1st,

How to fix Macbook Air battery life problems

The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s most popular products, and indeed its most popular Mac. The most recent iteration brings with it an Apple M1 SoC while retaining features like dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, a Retina display, and SSD storag It also has a theoretical battery life of up to 18 hours, though yours is always