Google Lens adds ‘style ideas’ as Google Shopping comes to U.S.

Google Lens adds ‘style ideas’ as Google Shopping comes to U.S.

Following the website and mobile apps, the new Google Shopping is officially available in the U.S. This is Google’s new unified service for product lookup and delivery, with Google Lens also picking up a “style ideas” feature today.

Google Shopping launches

The new Google Shopping first debuted in India at the end of last year as a unified homepage for product search. Personalized to each shopper, it includes carousels of products that you might be interested in based on your history.

Other tools include the ability to “price track” and receive notifications on your phone following a drop/deal. Alerts will also be available via email in the coming weeks. Search filters let you find local stock, while — like Express — you can buy through Google Shopping.

“Thousands” of stores are partnering, with quick checkout thanks to saved payment details, and a buyer guarantee that includes Google customer support and easy returns/refunds. “Buy on Google” products are marked by a colorful shopping cart icon on listings and search filters.

Lastly, Google makes an interesting promise to “invest in clean energy projects to offset the carbon emissions created from shipping your order.” The Google Shopping launch today applies to Android, iOS, and the web.

Google Lens style ideas

In other shopping-related news today, Google Lens is getting a new “style ideas” functionality. Style search was an early capability that allowed users to point Lens at clothing, fashion items, and furniture to find the product online.

Now, the sheet that slides up from the bottom of Lens after you search for an object features a “Get style inspiration” section. This builds on the similar item suggestions to “give you outfit inspiration from around the web.”

Source:- 9to5google