How to find and delete your Netflix viewing history

How to find and delete your Netflix viewing history

I have a confession to make, I’m terrible at picking something to watch on Netflix. I’m getting better at using other tools to find something that tickles my taste buds, but I still fall into the old trap of watching whatever is suggested. Often, after five minutes, I realize that I’ve chosen to watch a steaming hot pile of visual garbage.

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The problem is that my Netflix account is now awash with suggestions based on all these shows that I only watch the opening scenes to. Netflix is also persistent on telling me that I must “continue watching” these abominations. But fear not if you suffer from such afflictions, there is a way to correct your momentary indiscretions.

Here’s how to find – and delete – your Netflix viewing history and get rid of those suggestions once and for all on desktop, Android, and iOS.


  • Go to, and log in
  • In the top right, click on the drop-down menu and navigate to your “account”
  • Scroll down to the “My profile” section, and click on “Viewing Activity”
  • To remove something from your viewing history click the “hide” icon, it looks like circle with a diagonal line inside it
    • Netflix will then remove the title and stop using it to recommend you other titles. But if you watch it again, you’ll have to do the process all over again
    • There’s also a hide all button if you want to hide everything you’ve ever watched


    • Open the Netflix app and log in
    • In the bottom right, click the three bars to navigate to your “Account…..Read more>>


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