How to fix Macbook Air battery life problems

How to fix Macbook Air battery life problems

The MacBook Air is one of Apple’s most popular products, and indeed its most popular Mac. The most recent iteration brings with it an Apple M1 SoC while retaining features like dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, a Retina display, and SSD storag

It also has a theoretical battery life of up to 18 hours, though yours is always going to vary depending on use. Apple’s estimates are always based on light web usage with the screen brightness turned down, so if you like a bright screen, brightly-lit keyboard, and are downloading gigs and gigs of data, be prepared for notably less than the advertised battery life.

Still, if you think you’re experiencing an abnormal battery drain on your new MacBook Air, try these tips to fix MacBook Air battery life.

 Allow setup to finish

If you’re setting up a new Mac, or restoring your current one, your computer will be going through its initial setup process for a little while after you’ve gotten everything configured. This includes things like Spotlight indexing, which can drain your battery significantly faster than normal.

During this process, it’s wise to plug your MacBook into power. Once complete, you can unplug your MacBook Air and use it as normal, and the battery should perform perfectly…Read more>>