How to talk to yourself on WhatsApp?

How to talk to yourself on WhatsApp?

Opening a WhatsApp chat with yourself can be quite useful to have important files or messages on hand. Thus, you will access cooking recipes, to-do lists or the supermarket list in a practical and fast way.

Therefore, here we give you two options so that you can send yourself messages, photos, voice clips, among other files and thus, stop using the chats of people who have blocked you.

The first way is the most common and known. It consists of creating a group, however, for this you must add one or more contacts and then expel them, so it may not be so convenient. So the second way may be the most suitable.

How to create a chat with yourself step by step?

  1. Open your phone’s browser (it can be Google Chrome)
  2. In the address bar type and add your country code and then the ten digits of your phone number. For example, for Mexico the code is 52, so it would be
  3. Then a window will appear with an invitation to chat with the corresponding number and a button that says “Continue to chat.” Then press that option
  4. Later, a new chat with yourself will open in the WhatsApp application and you can start sending yourself messages or different multimedia files

Anchor chat for greater accessibility

If you want access to the chat with yourself to be even more direct, you should know that WhatsApp allows you to keep up to three conversations at the top of the message list. To do so, you just have to press and hold the chat you want to pin and choose the first icon that appears at the top (from left to right). To reverse this action you just have to press again and deselect the mentioned icon.

Source:- entrepreneur