How To Use Verizon’s Free Disney Plus Offer To Get A 12-Month Subscription

How To Use Verizon’s Free Disney Plus Offer To Get A 12-Month Subscription

Disney Plus is finally here, and Verizon customers can get a free year-long subscription to the streaming service right now. To take advantage of the offer, you need to either have a Verizon unlimited plan or set up new 5G home internet or Verizon Fios service. Either way, you’ll be able to access Disney Plus right away and begin streaming, provided the launch day technical issues don’t stand in your way. The process is fairly easy, but here’s a quick rundown on the details and how to claim your freebie.

How to get a free year of Disney Plus through Verizon

After clicking on the button above, choose “Get started.” You’ll have four options to choose from. If you already have an unlimited plan, simply choose “Get Disney+” and log into your Verizon account. From there, you need to accept the terms and conditions before verifying that you want to enroll in the promotion.

Once enrolled, your Disney Plus subscription will now be managed through Verizon. It’s set to automatically renew after the promotional period, so if you decide you don’t want it going forward, remember to turn off automatic renewal through Verizon.

The subscription appears to stack with the one-week free trial offered through Disney. If you pre-ordered the three-year subscription from Disney or already purchased a monthly or annual Disney Plus plan, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to manage that existing subscription. The Verizon promotion will not cancel your original subscription, but it will delay billing until the free year is up.

Keep in mind that if you change mobile providers or switch to a plan that isn’t unlimited, the Disney Plus subscription will expire.

For those who don’t have Verizon unlimited plans but are interested in the promotion, you can choose one of the other three options: Change your (Verizon) plan, switch to Verizon, or sign up for Fios home internet………Read More>>

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