Sue your robocallers, phone scammers with this new app

Sue your robocallers, phone scammers with this new app

Getting fed up with robocalls? It might be time for robo-revenge and a new app is here to help.

CEO of the DoNotPay app, Joshua Browder, joined FOX Business’ “After the Bell” on Tuesday to explain how the app can help you sue robocallers.

“It registers you for something called the ‘Do Not Call’ list,’ ” he said. “This means that whenever one of these people calls you, it’s illegal. When they call you, you can then sue them.”

Browder said the app, along with lawyers on his team, generates and files all the paperwork needed to get “up to $3,000 cash compensation per call.”

One of the biggest challenges for the DoNotPay team is finding out who the robocallers are, Browder told FOX Business’ Lauren Simonetti.

The DoNotPay team will give users a virtual, “burner” credit card to provide to robocallers.

“When they try and scam you, you’re actually getting all of their details through the payment network,” Browder said.

“So far, we’ve had over 10,000 cases and actually a few settlements,” he said of the app’s success. “The robocallers actually want to settle because they don’t want this becoming public record in a courtroom.”

Americans were hit by 4.7 billion robocalls in January, marking a 4 percent increase from December, according to YouMail. Overall, there were a record 58 billion robocalls made in 2019, marking a 22 percent increase from 2018 when 47 billion robocalls were made.

At the end of 2019, President Trump signed the TRACED Act into law allowing the Federal Communications Commission to protect consumers from robocall scammers.

Source:- foxbusiness