Why Amazon Prime Day 2020 postponed until August makes sense for everyone

Why Amazon Prime Day 2020 postponed until August makes sense for everyone

The Amazon Prime Day 2020 date is reportedly happening in August 2020, not July, offering a one-month reprieve on what’s normally an epic deals marathon.


That’s the right move for everyone. People still need to save money – now more than ever – but this year’s Prime Day has to be timed right: for consumers, for Amazon employees, for delivery workers, and for all of the manufacturers.

Officially, Amazon hasn’t said much. There’s just one line on its website: “Prime Day 2020 has not been announced.” But Reuters threw up an exclusive in April, noting that it will be delayed until “at least August”, citing internal meeting notes.

Amazon hasn’t come to a decision, or publicized one at least. That said, everything points to August making the most sense – if Prime Day 2020 happens at all.

Everyone needs time to stay safe and recover

First and foremost, Amazon needs to make sure its employees aren’t vulnerable to further Covid-19 infections before even considering a Prime Day 2020 date. There are a lot of unknowns that prevent that decision from happening right now.

So far, seven Amazon employees have died of Covid-19, reports the Daily Mail. The company needs to make sure its warehouse and contractors are safe, and so far we don’t have all of the facts.

Amazon has an ongoing Covid-19 blog, which begins with a statement: “Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees, and we expect to invest approximately $4 billion from April to June on COVID-related initiatives getting products to customers and keeping employees safe.”

Prime Day puts incredible strain on warehouse and delivery workers. We’ve talked to delivery people in the past who note that the actual deals dates aren’t bad for them – it’s the two days following sales that stress them out. Now imagine feeling that way during the tail end of a pandemic.

Likewise, consumers need to have a better understanding of how the economy will bounce back and ensure their jobs are safe before making big ticket purchases. Anyone recently laid off is undoubtedly less than eager to splurge in July.

But people still need to save… and sell

If consumers are really putting off big purchases and Amazon is prioritizing essential goods right now, there’s going to be pent-up demand to both buy and sell by August. Or that’s the hope for Amazon Prime Day 2020, at least.

What’s selling today? Our data shows that people are adjusting to the sudden work-from-home lifestyle by buying webcams and monitors. They’re by and large sold out. It’s not just face masks and cleaning supplies flying off store shelves.

Consumers have been putting off big ticket purchases until they know more about the economy’s recovery and how safe their jobs are long-term. That confidence is more likely to start to return in August than July.

Manufacturers, meanwhile, have inventory sitting in warehouses, and many rely on the annual Prime Day sales push to counteract a sleepy July. Companies have also delayed product announcements. There’s pent-up demand on both ends………Read More>>


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