Apple reveals worldwide national security requests for customer data

Apple published its biannual transparency report Friday, revealing how many requests were made worldwide by governments for user data. Between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2019, Apple said governments made 31,778 requests for devices — around 500 more than in the first half of 2018. Apple provided data including which customers are associated with which

Facebook now sends you a notification when you log in to third-party sites

Facebook today revealed a new login feature that actually tells you info you’re volunteering. Considering how much info Facebook both keeps and distributes on its users, I can see this coming in handy for lots of users. The new feature is called, appropriately, Login Notifications, and it sends you an in-app notification and email whenever

TV consumers don’t want to pay more $30 for streaming services

Three-quarters of U.S. consumers don’t want to pay more than $30 a month for streaming services, according to a new survey released by ad buyer resource, The Trade Desk, on Monday. Moreover, 59 percent of consumers said they don’t want to pay more than $20 a month. The survey, which was conducted by YouGov and

Send Your Phone Back to the ’90s With This Free Android Game

Even if I don’t remember much of the ‘90s, I sure remember all that old ‘90s tech, especially the classic look and feel of older Windows operating systems. So when I saw Android Central’s post about the free-to-play Android game Progressbar95, I knew I had to give it a shot. Progressbar95 does an excellent job

Social Security benefits set for slight bump in 2020

Social Security beneficiaries can expect to see their paychecks rise at the start of the New Year. The Social Security Administration announced in October that benefits would increase by 1.6 percent in 2020. For a recipient earning $1,479, the average monthly benefit among all retired workers, checks will increase to about $1,503 per month. For

Major US companies breached, robbed, and spied on by Chinese hackers

The hackers seemed to be everywhere. In one of the largest-ever corporate espionage efforts, cyberattackers alleged to be working for China’s intelligence services stole volumes of intellectual property, security clearance details and other records from scores of companies over the past several years. They got access to systems with prospecting secrets for mining company Rio