Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 employees to keep up with demand

Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 new employees for its warehouse and delivery operations in the U.S. to keep up with demand during the current coronavirus outbreak, the company said today. Workers in its U.S. fulfillment centers will also get an extra $2 per hour through the end of April. Currently, Amazon pays $15 per

Apple might launch a budget-friendly ‘iPhone 9 Plus’

It looks like Apple might not only release an iPhone 9 (or iPhone SE 2), but an iPhone 9 Plus as well. According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 14 code contains hints of a larger version of the phone. The iPhone 9 has been rumored for a while now, with recent reports suggesting it would launch

T-Mobile Is Offering Free Upgrades to Subscribers Right Now

The spread of the coronavirus isn’t just affecting public health and the global economy; it also impacts internet and cellular networks. With so many people stuck at home and others displaced by travel bans, data usage has risen, bandwidth is clogged, and service is being disrupted all around the world. All the “Big Four” mobile

Apple bans coronavirus games and entertainment apps from App Store

Apple publicized restrictions on coronavirus-themed apps over the weekend and part of the tech giant’s decision bans games and entertainment related to the respiratory outbreak. The iPhone maker outlined its review process for apps related to the pandemic on Saturday, adding plans to only allow official health-related apps from trustworthy organizations and agencies. “We’re evaluating

Tesla Cybertruck Gigafactory will be in central US, Musk says

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sure loves his tweets, and has taken to social media to announce some more details about the upcoming Cybertruck. According to a new tweet on Tuesday, Musk is in the process of scouting locations for the Gigafactory where the Cybertruck will be built, and he’s eyeing Middle America. “Central USA” is

5 Ways to Make Extra Money Online (on the Side)

It’s no big secret that the Internet has revolutionized how we spend money. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 10% of all retail sales in America are now made online. For some kinds of products, the percentage is much higher. For instance, data from Tinuiti shows that about 44% of consumers shop online